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Meet the team behind the independent institution Shopper's Mind - the team you are creating a safe shopping experience with.
Urban Satler
Urban Satler
Product manager
"The mission of the Certified Shop team is to help the web retailers hear the voice of customers and together create the best shopping experience."
Our team will check the security and reliability of the web shop for you and your reviews can help them become the best.
Samira Fatkić
Samira Fatkić
Customer Relationship Manager
"In a constantly growing number of web shops, we can easily get burned, so we're here to help you choose the best web shop."
We are here for you in case of any problems, contact us and we will help you contact the web retailer.
Miha Nikitiovič
Miha Nikitiovič
Tech Support
"We want customers to focus on the shopping experience and that's why we're checking the web shop for you."
In the process of technical analysis, we check the web shop, payment methods, return options, the reliability of the listed contacts ... A total of more than 30 parameters needs to be met in order to mark the web shop as reliable.
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