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1. ANALYSIS: Satisfaction of your customers and their reviews immediately after purchase
Enabled by installing the CERTIFIED SHOP® Consumer Satisfaction Measurement Script, which allows the seller to start gathering consumer reviews after just a few clicks! The script displays a pop-up to the buyer immediately after purchase, containing a link to the satisfaction survey. This method provides a realistic and transparent seller score, as the scores are only entered by consumers completing the purchase at the given moment.
2. ANALYSIS: Compliance with European standards for safe online shopping
As a part of the certification process, Shopper's Mind also verifies compliance with technical standards. We check 30 parameters, such as shop owner identity, the presence of documentation as prescribed by law, content quality etc.
3. ANALYSIS: Mystery shopper experience
As part of the certification process, Shopper's Mind also conducts mystery shopping. The mystery shopper records his or her satisfaction with the purchase at an individual store, focusing primarily on the communication with the seller.
This element does not affect the rating, but if it is established that the online seller does not provide assistance to the customer as required by law, we reserve the right not to award the trustmark.
The right to use the CERTIFIED SHOP® trustmark is granted to the seller if the seller fulfils the criteria to obtain the trustmark, and includes:
  • use on all (sub)pages of your online store
  • use on all internal promotion channels (e-mail newsletter, printed material)
  • use in non-paid promotion posts on online channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • use in advertising on, and price comparison websites
  • use in radio ads and other audio formats
If the seller wishes to extend the use of the certificate, rights to other forms of use of the trustmark (i.e. in print or TV advertisements, in paid advertising, in print media etc.) can be obtained, subject to agreement.
5. CERTIFICATE: Publicly published online store certificate
By obtaining the trustmark, you join the list of holders of this international trustmark and get a publicly published online certificate that customers can use to verify the credibility of your trustmark.
It is therefore crucial that your website uses the CERTIFIED SHOP® script to display the trustmarks, including the appropriate link to your certificate. The script allows you to display the latest trustmark and thus distinguishes you as a trusted seller.
6. PROMOTION IN SLOVENIA, CROATIA and SERBIA: The trustmark is displayed alongside your offers on, and
Slovenia's leading price comparison website,, allows you to compare over 2 million active offers by over 400 merchants in one place!
Offers by all sellers that are partners of the website and publish their offers on the website, also display the CERTIFIED SHOP® trustmark.
By displaying the CERTIFIED SHOP® trustmark with the seller, the, and websites help the customers to choose the best offer.
7. ADDITIONAL PROMOTION: Post on the CERTIFIED SHOP® and Shopper's Mind portals and other channels
CERTIFIED SHOP® and Shopper’s Mind regularly post the names of all certified sellers on the respective CERTIFIED SHOP® and Shopper’s Mind portals and on their social media.
We provide regular promotion of sellers who were successful in obtaining the trustmark in public media. In addition, we also invest in educating the consumers on secure online shopping and trusted sellers in Slovenia.
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