How to identify a fake web shop?

20. 08. 2021
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Nowadays, it is not difficult for fraudsters to create replicas of a website with an identical graphic image. The list of problems that can occur when shopping online is extensive. They can misuse your credit card, you won’t receive the goods, or you’ll receive a fake product ... and we could go on and on. But not everything is so bad and with some information, you will be completely ready for online shopping. To empower and reassure you, we have prepared 8 short tips to help you before your next purchase.
  1. If you receive an invitation in your e-mail inbox to visit an unknown web shop and if this is included in the spam, be careful as this may be the first warning that something is wrong with the web shop.
  2. When prices in a web shop seem too good to be true, this is most likely true. If all products are reduced by 50% or more, caution is needed.
  3. If you find the web shop domain suspicious in any way, check it out. There are quite a few free tools online that can tell you where a domain is registered and in which country it is hosted on the server. Above all, pay attention to the email from which the domain is registered.
  4. Search for the selected shop through the search engine and check the information. If the data does not match, this is already a real alarm. They say Uncle Google knows everything.
  5. The easiest way is to check the web shop online. Find the submitted reviews of consumers and read their experiences. However, you also need to be careful here and not believe everything you read. You can come across invaluable store reviews, especially abroad, but so far we have not noticed this on Slovenian forums.
  6. Always use verified means of payment, such as PayPal or credit cards. If Western Union or MoneyGram are among the options, it’s time for extra attention again. Also, be careful if encrypted HTTPS data transfer and a lock character are used in a payment process.
  7. Contact customer support. You will usually need to fill out an online form and receive a reply to your email address. When you receive a reply, please check that you haven't received it from any free email provider (Gmail, Yahoo ...). Large and trusted companies use their own domains.
  8. The easiest way to identify a secure web shop, is to look for the Certified Shop international trust mark, which verifies all of the above components during the certification process. Certified Shop shops provide you with a safe shopping experience, and you can also read the opinions of verified customers; those who have actually made a purchase in the web shop.

Do you have problems shopping online and don't know where to go for help?

20. 08. 2021
When shopping online, something can go wrong very quickly. There are simply no clear signals to identify a fake web shop. We’ve already mentioned a few steps you can take to check for yourself or shop at a secure web shop. By far the easiest way is to find the Certified Shop trust mark, where we check the technical and legal standards of the web shop for you.
The best piece of advice you can receive is to shop at web shops that operate within the European Union. In case of any problems, you can file a complaint and you can turn to the institutions for help.
If the web shop is registered in Slovenia, you can contact the Market Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia for help.
For businesses registered in the European Union, Norway or Iceland, the European Consumer Center will help you.
What if the web shop is registered outside the European Union? Unfortunately, the rule "Keep what you get" applies here. These traders are not bound by Slovenian or European legislation, which puts the consumer in the foreground, and they are not obliged to consider your complaints.
Therefore, before buying, always check who is behind the web shop (company headquarters). A modern and beautiful website is no guarantee of a safe purchase. Also, always check the opinions of other users online and make sure first hand whether customers have recognized the store as trustworthy.
However, if the web shop has an international Certified Shop trust mark, you can make a purchase without any worries. The trust mark guarantees you a peaceful purchase, as all of the tips from the previous post have been verified for you by the independent institution Shopper’s Mind and guarantee a safe shopping experience.
Do you have a web shop?
Join web retailers that have a Certified Shop label and show customers that you are trustworthy.